Ed Sheeran tour poster

Ed Sheeran at Arrowhead – Oct. 13, 2018

Ed Sheeran is one of the hottest male pop stars on the planet, and he’s coming to Kansas City next October. Tickets are on sale now! 

 Click here to get yours! 



  1. Ask and you shall receive. Keep watching your inbox.

  2. Wish you would offer free Ed Sheeran tickets to YVIP’s only.
    I think you’d get more listeners. I joined because I heard about the give away. Stayed because the music is awesome!
    I tried to call in 56 times in one day and never got through on your call-in line. Today it finally rang and then disconnected. I am a Sherrio. I have his pic on my fb page and have a Pinterest page for him.
    I bought tickets for the st louis concert and we all know how that turned out!
    Have a great day and keep on playing those wonderful songs.
    P.S. love Cosmo!

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