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KC superfan Dustin cheering on his team
Heidi Rayl

UPDATE: Versaille’s Dustin’s EPIC Trip to Miami [VIDEO]

Remember Dustin? Thanks to you, he received a trip to Miami for the game. You need to see how it went!

A few weeks ago, we told you about Dustin, a Chiefs mega-fan in Versailles. His community had rallied to get him to Miami to cheer on his beloved team. They set up a GoFund Me to raise $16,000 and send Dustin and a family member to the game. They raised over $20,000. Just as they were celebrating, something amazing happened.  Walmart, Dustin’s 20+ year employer, stepped in and provided tickets for Dustin, his dad, and his 3 brothers. In addition, Patrick Mahomes’s agent invited them to his party. How did it go? Take a look for yourself![0]=68.ARA8JaKZJOl_N7YtPdoeA7AfADf6wXSHXYmXLOiNaUynvwT9sTKABme_kqiCsNiwHZDf8Xk8UH9ab5ihTCaNkbZnS7BKfruWbyQ1aBWybrw3rZ-wB3IZC9Ffvc1UTgFNBkS-jl9yDTVKZS3Jzu7tMG-LPYb5N8uTrGAlgSbEoht9ytYVd2KcnTjmEHniTxzJU7KjD0zFqrujdJzN0taUkRI9UHL-ikwr34j7LxMtpHWJH_MFWryzNlWrEl3oOgyErfIh3FwKa24ZbogzhY1WV1Bne1cb55362dL5Knmnp3Av6rYKnIca3wrvaDIfuc1mOdWUBROCFZq-_9VfZy3gIbYeMgFCSbiGwSRvMLo5xqWsvjK-b3UWY5jW9CdB&__tn__=H-R


His family wanted to share this message

It’s impossible to find words that will express how much we appreciate the support you have given Dustin and our family. We have had numerous comments from family friends from far away saying this is a testament of the character of the people in our community. It also speaks volumes about the good in people everywhere. We couldn’t agree more. Dustin hasn’t stopped smiling since he found out he was going!!

Thank you to each and every one of you who donated, shared, and spread Dustin’s story!!

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and we know thank you is not enough but from the entire Pryor family


As for the $20k, it went towards the travel expenses for all 5, including air, hotel, food, transportation, etc. 

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    That is so wickedly AWESOME!!! YAY DUSTIN!!@

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