Sophie in wheel chair and out of it with picture of Drake

Drizzy, Do You Love Me? Come and See Me.

We would do just about anything for kids who are going through unfortunate situations. So we ask you to help us on this one, because Drake NEEDS to see it.

Meet Sophie! She’s a 10 yr old girl in Chicago who is awaiting a heart transplant at the Children’s Hospital there. We know from our years of doing the Miracles for Kids Radiothon, these kids are soooo special, and they don’t ask for much. As for Sophie, she’s asking for that new heart, and one other special request:  A visit from Drake! And how else do you ask him?  With an “In My Feelings Challenge” video of course.

Drake will be in Chicago for a concert THIS WEEKEND, so time is tight on this. BTW, it’s also Sophie’s 11th birthday Saturday, so you know… DRAKE, you’re kinda obligated.

Share the story. Let’s take it viral and get Sophie her wish.

From the hospital:

Sofia Sanchez, from Downers Grove, will be 11 on August 18 and has been waiting for a new heart at Lurie Children’s for the past several weeks. She has two wishes for her birthday, to get her new heart and to meet her idol, Drake, who is performing Friday and Saturday at the United Center. In hopes of meeting him, she and her cousin performed the KiKi Dance down the hospital hallway tethered to her IV pump and taped a video message from her hospital bed asking him to visit her at Lurie Children’s.
   Sofia was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a condition that often leads to heart failure and need for heart transplantation in order to survive. Three weeks ago, she underwent open heart surgery in order to connect a VAD (ventricular assist device), which is a mechanical pump that helps support the heart and blood flow in people with heart failure. Most often, it serves as a bridge to heart transplantation. Each year Lurie Children’s performs only four VADs. In July, Lurie Children’s heart transplant team performed their 300th heart transplant and the next heart recipient will be #305. 

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