Dr. Chocolate

If you’re like me that means a couple of things, one you love to sleep, two you have the biggest sweet tooth of all time! Seriously though how much do you love chocolate? Would you spend three years of your life studying it in-depth? (I would spend three years eating all the chocolate I was studying but that beside the point.) I’m glad to say that you can now get your Ph.D. in Chocolate! That’s right become a “Chocolate Dr.” The University of West England is looking to fill a fully funded Ph.D. program for “Metagenomic Studies of the Microbiota of Fermented Cacao Beans.”

The program will teach all about the things involved in the fermentation process that leads to how chocolate gets its specific flavor. Also, you will learn how to identify farm specific DNA markers characterizing the microbiota on the surface of fermented cacao beans. Yeah, it is a much bigger monster than you originally thought right? West England is not the first University to offer a degree in Chocolate studies, Cambridge University also offers this.

If all of that made your head hurt just eat some chocolate it’s on sale today anyways right? Also for a fun time check out all of these weird degrees you can graduate with… 

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