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The Dollar Bill Swap Is Back and Bigger Than Ever

By popular demand, the Y107 Dollar Bill Swap is back…  but with a big twist!

If you’re not familiar, the concept for the Dollar Bill Swap is easy. All you have to do is find a dollar bill with 1-0-6-9 in consecutive order. Then listen for your chance to be caller 7, and you’ll have the chance to trade that bill in for $107! 

But this time, it’s even bigger. 

Welcome to the “Double or Nothing” Dollar Bill Swap.  When you’re caller 7, this time around, you’ll have a chance to keep the money OR spin the wheel for the chance to double it. You might win $214. You might also go for broke. Will you risk it?

We’ll play 3 times a day:  7:20a, 11:20a, and 3:20p.  It all starts Thursday, March 23rd, so be looking for those dollar bills! 

Pretty simple, eh?  Now go find your dollar billz and win you some $$.



  • Can it be a $5 or another denomination?
    • Nope.  It has to be a one dollar bill.
  • Do the numbers have to be in order?
    • Yes. 1-0-6-9 in order.
  • What if I have 1-0-7 in order? Do I still win?
    • Nope. It has to be 1-0-6-9 in order.
  • Do the numbers have to be in a certain place on the serial number?
    • Nope. They can be at the beginning, middle, or end, but they MUST be IN ORDER.
  • What happens if I lose the Dollar Bill after winning?
    • Unfortunately, you MUST have the physical dollar bill matching the serial number you gave us to swap out for your check. 

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