Y107’s Dollar Bill Swap Is Back!

You’ve been waiting… and waiting… and waiting. But finally, the day has returned! Pull out those singles as the Y107 Dollar Bill Swap is back!

If you’re not familiar with the Dollar Bill Swap, it’s really easy! Wherever you go, be getting change in singles, and STOP spending your singles. Then look at the serial number of each one very carefully. If you see 1-0-6-9 in consecutive order, HOLD ON TO IT!

Then join Kristin each afternoon between 2p-6p, and listen for your chance to be caller 7. We’ll ask you to pull out that bill and read off the serial number. As long as 1-0-6-9 is in consecutive order, you’ll have the chance to trade that bill in for $107!

YVIP’s will get the added bonus of knowing about what time we’ll play each day. If you’re not already a YVIP, sign up now here.


Got that bill ready?


  • Can it be a $5 or another denomination?
    • Nope.  It has to be a one dollar bill.
  • Do the numbers have to be in order?
    • Yes. 1-0-6-9 in order.
  • What if I have 1-0-7 in order? Do I still win?
    • Nope. It has to be 1-0-6-9 in order.
  • Do the numbers have to be in a certain place on the serial number?
    • Nope. They can be at the beginning, middle, or end, but they MUST be IN ORDER.
  • What happens if I lose the Dollar Bill after winning?
    • Unfortunately, you MUST have the physical dollar bill matching the serial number you gave us to swap out for your check.
  • What number do I call to win?
    • Call either 441-Y107 (9107) or 800-500-Y107

*Contest run dates April 5-April 16


  1. Once you get the busy signal, it will not connect to someone. You will need to hang up and dial again.

  2. When we call in and get the busy signal should we hang up and try again or should we stay on the line and continue listening to the busy signal in hopes that someone will pick up and tell us we are caller 7?

  3. Hold on to it Amanda. History says it comes up in the Spring…

  4. When will we have a chance at this again? I have one!

  5. Nope. There can not be a number interrupting it.

  6. Unfortunately no.

  7. Can it be backwards 9601?

  8. Is 10629 considered being in concetive order?

  9. Always up in the air. Just tuck it away safe. 🙂

  10. When will it start back up? After years of searching my boyfriends finally found one.

  11. I just won last Wednesday. Thank you very much! You said the money will not be available till Friday and then I have a week to pick it up. My question is, is that a week from the day I won it on Wednesday, or a week from Friday the day you said it would be available to be picked up?

  12. Hey Brenda. Once every 30 days, especially on the bigger prizes. Sorry.

  13. Can I win more than once a day, week, month? If I have more than one winning dollar bill can I play again even though I just won?

  14. Driver’s life? Needs to be on a $1 bill unfortunately.

  15. What if I have it on my drivers life?

  16. Hey Jason, that happens often unfortunately. The phone system can only handle so many calls. Many will get the busy signal. But with so many people calling in, eventually the system will hit overload and start rejecting with the message you heard. All we can tell you is keep trying.

  17. Jason Allabaugh

    I’ve tried calling several times and keep getting a recording saying number is not working. 573-441-9107 I am wanting to do the dollar bill swap.

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