Sisu, The Unicorn Thief: The Story of a Dog

The title seriously reads like a children’s book, and honestly, I hope Sisu gets one!

Sisu, whose former name we don’t know, is a beautiful dog who kept breaking into… a Dollar General store. Each time he ran inside, he beelined to the same purple stuffed unicorn. And not just like that general toy, one specific purple unicorn. Each time, he was shooed out of the store, minus his purple friend, and so he snuck BACK in to find him. This happened FIVE different times until the store finally called Animal Control.

Officer Lane came by to pick up this pup-perp, but upon learning the story, did something a little different: she went and got Sisu’s toy and paid the $10 for it, simply because he wanted it! She brought Sisu and the toy to a shelter (where they gave him the name Sisu after Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon) and they posted to the story and these adorable pictures (I mean look at how happy that dog is with his unicorn!). Sisu had a family lined up to adopt him immediately!

A new family to love him and a new unicorn to love on in the same day? Big day for this big boy!

This is Sisu. He kept breaking into a dollar general to steal this purple unicorn. He tried so often they had to lock…

Posted by We Rate Dogs on Saturday, March 27, 2021


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