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Do I Have Cancer?

It still didn’t seem real that I was even asking the question “Do I Have Cancer”?

I have spent practically my entire life outside. As a kid we played outdoors from dawn til dusk.

Bikes. Baseball. Pool. River. Woods. 

As an adult I spend lots of time outside. Kayak. Bike. Softball. Outdoor events and broadcasts galore. Out on the boat or going on float trips or swimming with my kids.

I used sunscreen….most of the time. Should have used it more of the time?

Do I really have skin cancer?

How serious can it be? What if it’s something that I should have seen long ago and it is going to seriously effect my health?

My girlfriend Kat had a skin cancer scare recently and luckily she and her doctor caught it early & it was removed. It was unsettling and honestly a little scary. But I used the tinge of fear to be proactive and get an appointment set with my dermatologist asap.

I had a growth biopsied off of my arm that the doc thought very well might be Basal Cell Carcinoma.

A couple stitches and a big ole bruise later I was now playing the waiting game. Luckily for me after a few nervous days later i was told that it WAS NOT SKIN CANCER!  




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