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DISNEY+ Price Jump Almost Here

On March 26th, your Disney Plus rate will be going up! Here are 3 ways to avoid the price increase and save money.

Get ready! The cost of watching your Baby Yoda on  Disney Plus is rising for everyone as of March 26, 2021. Due to the new monthly cost being $7.99 (up a $1 from $6.99) – and the yearly fee becoming $79.99 – it’s well worth picking up a year for $69.99!

If you have the bundled plan with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, it will also be going up by one dollar to $13.99 per month, or$19.99 a month for Hulu w/out commercials!

Are you hooked on ‘WandaVision’ too?? 

 Top 3 Ways To Save $$ On Disney Plus

    1. Buy the Annual subscription!!!  If you can afford to pop for the whole year, you’re gonna save yourself some coin every month! It basically works out to getting 2 months of Disney Plus for FREE!
    2. Buy the Disney Plus bundle. It’s $12.99 a month for all 3 of them, which saves you about $5 a month (for now).
    3. Get it for FREE with Verizon! Internet, TV, and phone customers who took a cool deal back in May scored 6 months for free.  Check with Verizon now for the latest possible deals on Disney Plus.

If you are a current customer, you may be able to have your rates frozen at the lower price until August. For more on that and some cool hacks on saving more, read here.

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