Photo Credit: Becky James

Did You See Our New Buddy Spot?

Well actually his name is OG…

We had a very special visitor on our show Monday morning! After seeing him at the Mizzou Homecoming parade, we were AMPED to meet OG, the Mizzou Engineering Department’s robotic…dog? Thing?

Here’s what we learned about OG:

  • He cost $75k- my jaw dropped at this but one of his…handlers? operators? pointed out that for what he is, that’s not much at all
  • He weighs like 75 lbs but 9 of those lbs are his battery. The battery has to charge for about 2 hours and lasts about an hour to an hour and a half so they always carry spares.
  • A lot of people are scared of him…I’m talking about myself
  • He’s got some siblings! OG Spot has some buddies named Bucky and Steve!
  • He can do so many tricks! You gotta see what this guy can do! Check out the video below!


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