Lil Wayne stopped his set abruptly last night, called the crowd “Wack” and left! Is he done with the tour after just his 8th night? Will he be in St. Louis?

UPDATE: Lil Wayne claims he’s NOT leaving the tour. 

Question is, how long will THAT last? Was the cost of breaking contract too much? Will he even bring his A game to STL?


As of this time, we’re being left with the big “might“. Nothing is yet fully confirmed.  His twitter remains silent, but still features the tour dates as the header, as does his facebook.  Both thecarterv.com and youngmoney.com still feature the tour as well. As the video shows, he’s implying the crowds are too small for his liking. And while he at least thanks Blink 182 for the opportunity, it looks like he’s wanting out. 

For their part, Blink 182 haven’t said anything yet either. Their twitter and facebook, like Weezy’s, still lists the tour as the header, with the tour still listed on their website as well.

We’re guessing at this moment, the lawyers are scrambling to figure out how this will work if Weezy backs out of the contract. While those who hold tickets certainly hope he doesn’t, you’d have to wonder what to expect for upcoming shows, including the Sept. 14th date at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, if he’s not “feeling” it. Would it even be worth seeing him if he’s just going through the motions?

The tour it total has 46 dates, of which Weezy is only a part of 36 of them.  In other words, he’s barely completed 20% of the tour.

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