David Letterman Announces Retirement

In a sad, yet not too surprising announcement Thursday, David Letterman let the world know that he will be retiring after 34 years of television broadcasting.


Letterman didn’t show too much emotion in the announcement, only taking the time to thank everyone around him, and sharing a fishing story about him and his son.  He will turn 67 years old on April 12th.

The timing of David Letterman’s announcement is not surprising.  His chief rival for many years, Jay Leno, ended his run on “The Tonight Show” less than two months ago, making way for Jimmy Fallon to begin his legacy. So far, Fallon’s ratings are through the roof.  Also, Jimmy Kimmel‘s numbers keep climbing, signaling to all television networks that a “youth movement” is underway in late night talk shows.

So far, there has been no word from CBS on a possible replacement host for “The Late Show”.  Several internet rumors have already started, with fans suggesting names like Conan O’Brien and Craig Ferguson. Others are pushing for history, wanting to see the first female late night talk show host in network television history.

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