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Zara Larsson Tweets About Model And A Year Later Dating; Beyoncé Rejects Kim Kardashian’s Gifts To The Twins; Justin Bieber Wants An Aussie Wife And Is Holding Auditions

Zara Larsson Tweets About A Model And A Year Later They’re Dating

Dreams can come true, if you tweet about them. Twitter user @samilarsson, discovered this tweet from Zara back in November of 2015:

It seems as though somewhere along the way, Zara actually met this mystery man, model Brian H. Whittaker. And, now they’re dating. Because everything on the internet comes around eventually, Zara learned about her former self’s long-term relationship dreams, and took to Instagram and for the record:

He likes his eggs scrambled

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Beyoncé Rejects Kim Kardashian’s Gifts To The Twins

Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian were never exactly friends but Jay Z and Kanye West were thought to have been close over the years, collaborating multiple music tracks. Kim Kardashian was apparently trying to make nice with the Carters by sending tons of baby clothes, exclusively tailored by her designers. However, MSN reported that Beyoncé handed out the clothes to the nurses at the hospital. Kardashian also reportedly gave Beyoncé’s 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy $10,000 worth of clothes from her and Kanye West’s children’s fashion line. KKW launched her new contour kit last week and decided to throw in a kit for Beyoncé, which she reportedly gave to someone else.

Justin Bieber Wants An Aussie Wife And Is Holding Auditions

Justin Bieber was in Sydney last week to attend a Hillsong Church conference. Justin has enrolled ‘his Hillsong church friends to help him track down true love’. The report claims the Biebs asked his good friend Carl Lentz, to head up the search for a bride, with the pastor holding ‘auditions’ for potential candidates. ‘Justin really trusts Carl like a brother and thinks he can help him find the woman he’s meant to be with,’ a ‘source’ allegedly told the publication.

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