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Daily Dirty With Jaime 5/18/17

Selena Gomez Releases New Song; Katy Perry Getting Back At Taylor Swift; Jay Z And Beyoncé Are A Billion Dollar Couple 

Selena Gomez Releases New Song

Katy Perry Getting Back At Taylor Swift

The rumor mill is spinning fast about Calvin Harris and Katy Perry. According to OK! Magazine the couple have been getting very close while working on their record together and they have a mutual history with Taylor Swift; Calvin being her ex, and Katy being her nemesis. A source tells the magazine, “it’s icing on the cake for Katy that she can drop this bomb on Taylor. There’s only one goal for Katy now, and that’s for a romance with Calvin to go public.”

Beyoncé And Jay Z Are A Billion Dollar Couple

Hollywood’s biggest couple just got a little bigger.  After it was reported last week that the rapper also signed a $200 million deal with Live Nation that would span 10 years Forbes has reported that Beyoncé and Jay Z together are worth over $1 billion. Jay Z’s fortune is estimated at $810 million. Jay’s money coming mostly involved in Roc Nation and his other companies, like Tidal streaming. Beyoncé is worth $350 million.

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