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Daily Dirty With Jaime 4/6/17

In The Daily Dirty, John Mayer Dances With Pandas; Britney Spears Concert Delays Israeli Primary Election Day; Katy Perry Googled Herself

John Mayer Dances With Pandas

John Mayer’s new music video of his new single “Still Feel Like Your Man” has a Japanese theme to it. In the video John is dancing with two dancers dressed in panda costumes. He said last month the song was about his break up with Katy Perry.


Britney Spears Concert Delays Israeli Primary Election

The Israeli Labor Party has announced that due to Britney Spears upcoming concert, they are going to postpone their 3rd primary election. The election committee released a statement saying, “the election date is delayed by one day due o the fact that there is a major even at Yorkton Park on July 3rd, 2017.” The committee says due to heavy traffic from the concert, it will clog up parts of the city, which will make it difficult for people to reach the polling stations. The primaries will be July 4th.

Katy Perry Googled Herself

Katy Perry has never been shy and is the first to poke fun at herself on her social media, and she did just that this week. She started with an old throwback pic as an April Fool’s joke, saying it’s her new album cover. She then followed the picture up with a less than flattering picture of her FaceTiming on a massage table. Finally, to soothe her insecurities from the previous posts, she googled ‘Katy Perry Hot’ and shared the last photo shopped picture, with wind blown hair and full cleavage.

was feeling insecure about my last two posts so

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