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Daily Dirty With Jaime 4/18/17

Justin Bieber Sings Spanish Remix; Drake Is Gonna Be A Dad; Chris Brown Punches Photographer

Justin Bieber Sings Spanish Remix

Justin Bieber remixed Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito.” Biebs starts the track in English and then switches to Spanish for the chorus. He shared the cover of the track on his Instagram.

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Drake Is Gonna Be A Dad

A woman is accusing Drake of getting her pregnant! @IamLayaLace took to Instagram to call the rapper out. The Instagram post is NSFW.

Chris Brown Punches Photographer

Chris Brown allegedly punched a photographer at a brawl in a Tampa, Florida night club. Police reported that Chris Brown “sucker punched” a photographer after a disagreement over some pictures. Brown was supposed to be there for a paid appearance. Around 1:00 o’clock the clubs in -house photographer attempted to take a picture of the singer. Chris Brown’s team told him to stop. Shortly after the photographer allegedly was taking shots from behind Chris Brown, he noticed and jumped of the couch and punched him in the face. Bennie Vines was the photographer and he claims that his injuries have prevented him from working and is going to take legal action.

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