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Daily Dirty With Jaime 4/14/17

In the Daily Dirty:
Miley Cyrus Nudes Leaked; Kendall Jenner Responds To Pepsi Commercial Debacle; Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner File For Divorce;
BONUS: Harry Styles New Track About Taylor Swift

Miley Cyrus Nudes Leaked

The nude hacker has stuck again! The same guy that released nudes of Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and Demi Lovato have now leaked nude photos of Miley Cyrus. The pictures are rumored to be her naked in a sauna, topless in a pair of overalls, and topless posing in a mirror. The website they were published on has since removed the photos after legal action was threatened.


Kendall Jenner Responds To Pepsi Commercial

Just 9 days after Pepsi released what many saw as an inappropriate commercial they pulled the ad and publically apologized, and apologized to Jenner as well. Everyone was waiting for Kendall to say something but she took an social media hiatus since the commercial until yesterday when she tweeted a picture of her on the cover of the Harper’s Bazaar’s 150th issue. However, Jenner non-fans went nuts asking her if she was going to say anything about the add. Some even tweeting out, “Shame on you for participating in the Pepsi ad, and walking over the real issue of police brutality. You’re an entitled rich fool.” Another tweeted to her and asked, “why haven’t you talked about the Pepsi ad?” Kendall has still made no comment.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner File For Divorce

Ben and Jen are done. In 2015 they announced they were separating. This week the have made it official. They will still co-parent their  children. Ben has finished his stint in rehab about a month ago.

Harry Styles Song About Taylor Swift

Harry Styles new album drops May 12th and is available for preorder today, April 14th! Remember Taylor Swift’s 1989 album? It was rumored to be about Harry, she had a song, Welcome to New York on that album and Harry released the tracks that will be on his album. Track number 8 is called ‘Ever Since New York’ … coincidence? I think not! Fans are quick to speculate that correlation.

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