Daily Dirty 8/4/2017

Bella Hadid Takes A Nasty Fall During Girls Night Out; Are Nicki Minaj And Drake Officially Official?

Bella Hadid Takes A Nasty Fall

As a 20-year-old supermodel, Bella Hadid has mastered the art of walking in high heels, but even the best of the best have their moments. The star was spotted on a girls’ night out with fellow models Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner on Wednesday in New York City. They all gathered together for their pal Renell Medrano’s birthday at the celebrity hot-spot restaurant, Cipriani, and on the way home, Hadid stumbled into a problem we all run into from time to time during a long night out. While walking down some steep metal stairs, she slipped and fell.

Are Nicki Minaj And Drake Officially Official?

An eagle-eyed fan in the right place at the right time caught Nicki Minaj and Drake heading upstairs together at an event. She has been spotted getting a little close to Drake lately. A source from Young Money (Drake’s label) told them that Drake and Nicki are “definitely dating,” but are reportedly “taking it slow.” Nicki looked gorgeous for the club appearance, wearing a baby pink mini dress with a massive diamond necklace, and rocking long, straight, blonde hair. She was giving off total Barbie vibes! They looked awfully happy to see each other. However, take the alleged dating rumors with a grain of salt. Though they do have a romantic will-they-won’t-they past, the two are very good friends.

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