Daily Dirty 3/23/17

Kesha’s Lawsuit Setback; Katy Perry’s Shoes; Demi Sends Nudes

Kesha’s Lawsuit Setback
New York Supreme Court Justice rules against all of Kesha’s claims. She ruled that Kesha owes Dr. Luke $1.3 million in royalties. Additionally, the judge rejected Kesha’s claim that Dr. Luke didn’t act in “good faith” because she recognized the abuse before they signed a contract to work together. The judge said tat Dr. Luke’s alleged abuse behavior was foreseeable in 2005, before she signed her contract in 2008.

Katy Perry’s Shoes
Katy Perry has teased new shoes on her shoe line on her Instagram story. X and O and tuxedo ones are super adorable!

Demi Lovato Nudes
Demi is the latest victim of the internet hacker of nudes. She responds on twitter in the most perfect way.


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