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Daily Dirty: Kim Taylor Selena

Daily Dirty Dec 6th: Taylor, Kim K, and Selena Causing Commotion

Is Kim K a snake or a RAT, Taylor causes Swifty frustration, and Selena’s BACK! It’s all today’s Daily Dirty.

Kim Vs. Taylor Round ????

The star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians herself, Kim Kardashian West, shared a snap to Instagram on Monday which showed her taking a picture of wax figures, Taylor and Kanye lying next to each other in the nude. Kim captioned the photo with just one word, “Famous.” As you can imagine, Taylor fans came for blood when they flooded Kim’s Instagram with rat emojis inspired by her latest album, Reputation. Picture this… the snake, who eats Kim, the rat. What was Kim’s point posting that snap when she clearly knows Taylor’s army are on standby?! Should Taylor be the bigger person and stick to referencing the rat in her music? What do you think? Did Kim go too far once again?  

Taylor Angers Swiftys

Speaking of Taylor, how much would YOU spend for her concert tickets? 

A lot of angry fans are pretty disappointed today for more than one reason. Not only are tickets to one of her shows EXTREMELY expensive, a lot of people are complaining the pre-sale codes are not working either!  Tickets will vary with presumably the best seat in the house going for a whopping $500. Depending on the city, it is fair to say you could be spending $75 for the nosebleeds! WHAT?!! Seems like Taylor is the only one who can afford to attend the concerts! OUCH! Do you agree or disagree?

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Selena’s Insta-Public Again

The Queen of Instagram, Selena Gomez, holds the crown for most followers, 130 million to be exact. But yesterday, she confused us all as she took her account private.  But wait!  TODAY, she took it back public.  Huh?  Apparently in an interview with Billboard, it seems words were twisted and Selena is not happy about it. That may have been what caused the privacy yesterday. As for why she went public again… second thoughts? Kinda like how she was with Justin, then not, then back with him again? Is the bear maybe a gift from HIM?? Either way, we’re just glad she’s back.

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