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Taylor Swift Trial Has Began; Chris Brown Comments On Rihanna’s Instagram; Corinne Olympios Admits To Mixing Drugs And Alcohol in BIP Filming Scandal

Taylor Swift Trial Has Began

Taylor Swift appeared in a Denver courtroom for the first time Monday afternoon (Aug. 7), sitting at a table that happened to put her face-to-face with the former country-radio DJ she accuses of “improperly and inappropriately groping” her before a June 2013 concert. Swift sat without speaking for more than four hours in U.S. District Court during jury selection, a defendant in a defamation case, although she clearly believes herself to be the victim. “I remember being frantic, distressed, feeling violated in a way I had never experienced before,” Swift said in a 2016 deposition. We will keep you updated as the trial goes on.

Chris Brown Comments On Rihanna’s Instagram

On Monday night, Rihanna posted one of her outfits from the annual event with a standard caption. Through all the likes and comments from fans and followers, one message stood out from all the rest. As it turns out, ex-boyfriend Chris decided to comment with two eye emoji’s.

@badgalriri killin it at Barbados carnival.

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Corinne Olympios Admits To Mixing Drugs And Alcohol In BIP Filming

Corinne Olympios was popping pills and mixing booze during “Bachelor in Paradise” filming before the infamous swimming pool hookup with DeMario Jackson. Corinne made the admission during Saturday’s taping of the ‘BiP’ reunion. We’re told she didn’t elaborate on what kind of Rx, but she’s adamant — ingesting the pills that day and mixing it with booze intensified her drunkenness, which she says led to her blacking out. Why’d she mix meds with booze? We’re told Corinne pled ignorance.

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