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Cut Your Pizza BEFORE You Bake It?

TikTok has become SO engrained in our society! From hilarious videos, to celeb pranks, to tutorials and even life hacks, you can find pretty much anything you need on TikTok (and then some!)

This super short TikTok is MIND BLOWING.

Basically you “cut” your pizza BEFORE you bake it, so all you have to do is make that fantastic cheese pull out of the oven. And you “cut” it by sliding half of it off a counter or surface and break it, and then twist it about 90 degrees and do that again! You should keep it in the shrink wrap the pizza comes in when you try this hack, so everything stays together, but… woah. I’m going to try this, now!

If you can’t quite envision it, here’s the TikTok video. I had to watch it like 10 times before I really believed it!

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