Crumbl cookies
Sugar cookies from Crumbl


Including a FREE COOKIE DAY!

We’ve been waiting. We’ve been salivating. We’ve been watching the weekly flavor videos like crazy people.

It’s finally time; Crumbl Cookies is open in Columbia! I went by for a visit and this is now my favorite restaurant! I have a rule when I go to new places that I always get the most standard, “plain” thing they have (ie. vanilla at a new ice cream place) so I can use that as a gauge. For a brand new to me cookie place I chose a sugar cookie. That seemed like a pretty good baseline. It was anything but standard or plain! Easily the best cookie I’ve ever had!

Crumbl serves their sugar cookies chilled and with pretty pink frosting. The sweetness of the frosting is perfectly balanced out by the mellow cookie. It tastes like a personal cake. Like a little birthday party. Also they’re HUGE! Like the size of your face! Here’s a pic to illustrate.

The best part is that if you go to Crumbl Cookies on their grand opening day (Friday, November 13) you get a chocolate chip cookie FOR FREE! The chocolate chip cookies are served warm so you get the chocolate chip WOOOP in the middle (you know what I mean!) I’ll be there with the prize wheel and I can’t wait to see you!

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