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I really can’t wait for Crumbl Cookies!

There’s a brand new cookie bakery coming to Columbia!

When you think of cookies, what comes to mind? For me, it’s making Snickerdoodles and Pecan Crispies with my grandma as a little kid. Or going to Walmart with my mom when they used to have cookies set out for kids, and my brother and I would be good for THE WHOLE SHOPPING TRIP so we could have one at the end. Or picking the very prettiest ones to set out for Santa on Christmas so he’d be in an extra generous mood.

I can’t wait to add Crumbl cookies to my list of fond memories of cookies. They have a couple of staples that you can always get, like warm chocolate chip (the kind that makes the little string of chocolate when you break it apart like wOOOp). The rest of the flavors rotate weekly. Their website has videos showcasing the cookies that look like a literal dream! In fact, I check the website every week to see what flavors they have and watch the videos again and again.

The first fond cookie memory we’ll get from Crumbl is FREE COOKIE DAY! Stay tuned for date announcements.  Just know, on Free cookie day, I will be at the bakery and I’ll have the prize wheel with me for some added fun! I can’t wait to see you there!

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