Crazed Fan Is Selling Bagged Air From Adele Concert

The wonderful Adele has an army of fans, but they aren’t very dumb! Would any of them really put out the money for a bag of air from one of her concerts? Shaun McDonough put up a bag of air on eBay, that is supposedly filled with the air from a concert in Australia. A label on the bag states “legit bag of air,” which can be found in the picture of the listing.

This bag of air got up to around 200 Australian dollars, which is about $150 U.S. dollars before eBay removed the listing due to a violation of the websites “No item” policy. eBay doesn’t allow the selling of items that are not physically there. There have been more listings for the bag of air on the site since then and for now, the bids stand at more than 15 Australian dollars.

Adele fans bid on bag of air
eBay/ Shaun_McDonough

These days people will sell anything to get just a little bit of cash, I just hope that none of you would be gullible enough to buy an item like this. Please make smart choices when buying online… and stay away from the alcohol why you do.   


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