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Beware Of Growing COVID-19 Scams

The bad news of COVID-19 continues to hit every day. While we try to stay on the positive side of things, there’s occasionally bad stories we have to share, like these Stimulus Scams.

The BBB has reported COVID-19 related scams have gone “through the roof” with all this, so please be aware, and cautious. 

The Mail Scam

I don’t know how people can do this, but there are those that use times of crisis to take advantage of people, and this is one. Shortly after the President signed-off on the stimulus plan, there were reports of checks being delivered.  This raised plenty of red flags, as nothing would be that immediate.  However, there are plenty of people in need of that money. And when a check shows up in the amount you’ve heard you’ll be receiving, you believe it to be accurate.

Unfortunately, it’s a scam. The checks should not be received for a couple of weeks yet. 

The Phone/E-mail/Internet Scams

Speaking of the stimulus check, phone, e-mail, and website scams are also being reported. We’re hearing reports of calls or emails from various Government Agencies asking for personal and/or financial information that you must give in order to receive your $1200 stimulus check. While that seems to make sense, it is also a scam.

You will never be contacted by any government agency asking for your Social Security, bank account, credit card, or PayPal, no matter how convincing they might sound. You’ll NEVER be asked to pay anything in advance. You will never be threatened to do something or face arrest.

The Other Big RED FLAG

Other than asking for personal or financial information, if someone says they can get you the money quicker, they can’t. The money has not been released yet, and won’t be for a couple weeks.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Be aware and alert. Stay calm. We’ll all get through this together in due time. 

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