Cosmo’s Mega Money Minute Means FREE MONEY!

10 Questions… 60 seconds on the clock… MEGA MONEY on the line… Can you handle the pressure?

Amanda and Richard could!  Both won big money as we wrapped one of our most frustrating contests yet!

It’s Cosmo’s Mega Money Minute! 

Each weekday, at 7:50a and 2:50p, we opened the phone lines and took caller 7 for the chance at winning MEGA MONEY.  All you had to do was listen for the trigger to call in, then be caller 7 to 573-441-Y107 (9107)  or 800-500-Y107 (9107).  We put 60 seconds on the clock, and started firing off questions, with 10 in total, and nothing was off limits. You could take as much time as you needed on each question. However, once the clock ran out, the game was over.  Wrong answers also ended game play. 

The biggest question we got: How do you increase your odds of winning? You needed to make sure you were listening each time we played, as the questions didn’t change until we got a winner.  In other words, the more you listen, the better your chances.  Our YVIP’s enjoyed some helpful updates from time to time as well. 

Another benefit was getting a group of co-workers to call in as well, increasing the odds. Plus, if you were unable to listen, they had your back. Nice!

Congrats to Amanda in St. Robert winning $500 with Round 1!

  1. What was the name of the first Jonas Brothers album? It’s About Time
  2. What is the official state rock of Missouri? Mozarkite
  3. How many legs does a lobster have in total? 10 (8 walking, 2 pinchers which are biologically classified as legs)
  4. What NFL team drafter former Mizzou QB Chase Daniel? None. He was undrafted.
  5. How many total episodes were in the 8 seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’? 73
  6. Who is Montero Lamar Hill better known as? Lil Nas X
  7. Name a planet that rotates in retrograde motion? Venus or Uranus
  8. Mainstreet USA in the Disney parks was inspired by what real Missouri town? Marceline, MO
  9. What is the original title of the first Harry Potter book? Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  10. How many states does Missouri border? 8

Round 2 was quite the stumper, as for the first time ever, we went multiple days with no one being able to answer the 10th question correctly.  That was until Thursday at 2:50p.

Congrats to Richard in Jefferson City winning $500 with Round 2!

  1. Who was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic? Charles Lindbergh
  2. Where does Cosmo the Purple Dragon live? Courtyard Early Learning Center in Jefferson City
  3. Which rapper only loves his bed and his momma? Drake (and he’s not sorry)
  4. Y107’s LEGAL name is 4 letters. What are they? KTXY
  5. What is the only English word that ends in “MT”? Dreamt
  6. The St. Louis Arch is as tall as it is wide. How many feet is that? 630 ft
  7. What animal has the most taste buds? Catfish (typically more than 10k!?!?!)
  8. In what Missouri city was the ice cream cone first introduced? St. Louis (1904 World’s Fair)
  9. What does “bald” mean in Old English? White (which is why bald eagles are so named)
  10. What unincorporated community is home to the highest point in Missouri? Middle Brook (The highest point is Taum Sauk Mountain, which is located in Middle Brook.)

And with that, we are all done.  No new questions.  For now. 


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  3. Now that we have a winner, the full list is posted. We can only give the questions during contest play, and occasionally send them to the YVIPs. You can sign up for free here:

  4. What was question 9?

  5. They are coming tonight! Be watching your inbox.

  6. How come we haven’t been received the correct answers already to VIP’s?

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