Get ready to score free passes to play at Midway Golf & Games every morning this week at 7:20a with Cosmo & The Y107 Morning Show’s “Impossible Trivia”.

Keep checking out our social pages for extra clues to the next morning’s “Impossible Trivia” question….

Monday 9/21

30% of singles refuse to date someone who has one of these?
(a cat)


Tuesday 9/22

Researchers say having one of these on your desk at work has been shown to lower stress & anxiety?
(a plant)


Wednesday 9/23

Families will send each other more than 10,000 txt messages a year- this is the #1 topic/subject of those texts?
(what restaurant or what food are we going to eat)


Thursday 9/24  

The USDA says that the average American ate 250 of these last year?


Friday 9/25

In parts of Mexico, it’s illegal to drive while doing this?


  1. Awwww, thanks Mona. We really appreciate it! ~ Cosmo and Lauren

  2. Mona @ Devils Elbow Mo.

    I am a huge fan of Cosmo and Lauren’s show. I have my 11yr old listening to the station as well. Every morning we would hear the Impossible Trivia on the drive to school. My 11yr. old always thinks he knows the answer. He will have a crazy weird answer of course. I have my co-worker listening to Hook up or Hang up. We talk about the episode all afternoon and laugh.

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