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COSMO COOKS: The Quarantine Edition

One thing is certain that it’s certainly an uncertain time, schedules are all wanky and everyone is working and studying from home. One thing that hasn’t changed is “Hey! What’s For Dinner!”

If you and your family are like most you are all at home studying, working and all trying to get used to this new routine, our “New Normal” with life under quarantine.  One of the blessings that is coming out of this is that we are all getting more time to sit down to the table and eat meals together- As a family. When was the last time that happened?

I think it’s important to use this time to do this. Turn off the phones, shut off the TV and all gather around the table together. Talk about what is going on.

I am not going to necessarily share recipes with you but I’d like to share just a couple of plans that my fiancé and I have done and will be doing.


BREAKFAST BAR – make your own mini breakfast buffet.  Get everyone in the family involved with each child taking an item to make (and no, opening the box of Cheerios prob shouldn’t count!).

Make some pancakes or even better, when was the last time you actually used that waffle maker that Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim gave you as a wedding gift? Sizzle up some bacon and sausage along with a mountain of scrambled eggs.  

Think of a couple of your favorite breakfast foods that you haven’t made in forever and one night when you are making dinner make a little bit of breakfast and freeze it for later in the week.

We don’t have to rush the kids out the door with a pop tart. Start your mornings with some yummy oatmeal or toast up some fried egg sandwiches. Oh and coffee lots and lots of COFFEEEEEE!


LUNCH TIME- really focus on healthy. Have some grilled chicken or some turkey sliced and diced up on a nice, fresh bed of lettuce.  Boil some eggs and have a whole bunch already set to add to the mix.

Grab some wheat bread and toast it for a perfect little turkey sandwich or go simple and everyone make their favorite sandwiches, grab some fresh fruit and run to the park down the street for a bit of fresh air and a picnic lunch.  

If you’re going to be using the grill at dinner time cook up a few extra chicken breasts and then slice them up pop them in a bag and have them in the fridge for your salad the next day.


DINNER IS SERVED- I remember doing this as a kid a lot and if you haven’t done this with your family yet maybe tonight is the night! Have a family pizza night!  Get all the ingredients, the cheeses, the sauces and find the crust kits at your fav grocery store.  Then everybody is in charge of their own pizza.  Cut the crusts into the shape of a triangle, sooooo much cheese? So what! Heck,maybe this is a time for you to expand your tastebuds and buy a few ingredients that you have never tried before.  Make your own BBQ chicken pizza, might just become your new favorite.  


DESSERT – Here is another chance to capitalize on this new found expanded family time. Similar to the pizza night have an ice cream sundae off.  Set up stations with toppings, smash up some Oreos or break apart those Twix bars.  Use some of those strawberries from that picnic lunch on your vanilla ice cream.










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