Cosmo And Lauren Go OVER THE EDGE for Love Inc

Cosmo and Lauren have finally done it!  They’ve gone OVER THE EDGE! Rather, they WILL be going over the edge, rappelling down the Tiger Hotel in Columbia Sept. 28th! However, they need your help! 

To support Love INC, they’ve each been tasked with raising at least $1000. Question is, who will do it first?  In fact, we won’t let them descend until the money is raised.  They COULD be stuck up there in other words.  Additionally, whoever has the lowest raised, will be pied in the face upon touch down.  The stakes are high!  Who are you going to support?

Support Cosmo
Support Lauren

They also don’t want to do this alone. If you’ve always wanted to do something like this, then you can sign up HERE. 

About Love INC: We are in the business of loving people forward, providing resources through relationships to guide people out of poverty. Our Clearinghouse provides vital information which can help people take the next step towards a better life. We provide free basic needs furniture to those in need from Missouri’s only free furniture bank, The Love Seat. We strive to address the root issues which produce ongoing problems for our neighbors in need by providing life skills, money management, and job and housing coaching. Working together with more than 100 churches and dozens of local groups and organizations, Love INC is loving people forward every day.

Thanks from everyone at Love INC., Total Lending Concepts, TIG Advisors, The Tiger Hotel, ABC17/FOX22, Socket, and Y107


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