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  • I am a St. Louis native and have lived in CoMo for 21 years now with kiddos Emma and Cole plus my beautiful wife Kat and her kids as well we have a beautifully blended family. Plus our dog Stanley Pup. 
  • The Cardinals, Blues, Tigers, CC Cougars and Chiefs are my favorite sports teams!
  • Get me in my kayak on a river or lake and I am in heaven. I also love playing softball, racquetball and some golf. We have a new to us pop-up camper and can’t wait to do some camping this summer.
  • Love cheeseburgers (especially Just Jeff’s), Chicago style hot dogs & and some pizza from MIZ-G&D
  • When it comes to TV, I binge anything true crime, especially The First 48. Plus dig Handmaid’s Tale, Squid Game & Money Heist.
  • Favorite number 74…look for it, it is everywhere.


Email me

I pretty much came out of the womb loving music, have sung all my life, and can freaking crush a karaoke contest like nobody’s biz. I’ve even made pretty good money off of them through the years lol! I don’t stick with just one genre, although Top 40 is my normal go-to. Besides music, I am an 18+ year experienced professional photographer, a top leader with my network marketing biz, a podcaster, and am known as the Mission Minded Mentor who helps you find your wildly inspired life. 

I am obsessed with all things TEAL, candy (yes, even the gross kinds), and the most important thing you need to know…I’m hiLARious!!! Just ask me, I’ll tell ya…that was also my pickup line to land Cosmo. 

As far as my family goes, I am BEYOND blessed. Along with my incredible husband, we know a thing or two about blended families. Three of the kids are mine and I have two bonus kids, whom I love just like my own. My favorite toddler girls in the WORLD and Stanley Pup round us out perfectly. We’re not perfect, but we love true and hard. 

One thing I hold closest to my heart is sharing my life experience with others to help save them resources, time, money, aggravation…but most of all, pain. These airwaves are used to better the world around you and to spread laughter and kindness. THAT’S something I definitely want to be, and am honored to now be, a part of. To say I’m ecstatic to be a part of the Y107 world would be an understatement. So, ready or not, here we GO!


  1. Jennifer Caldwell

    You guys make living with a chronic illness bearable thank you for all you do

  2. Y107 is the best I listen to it a lot and I am only ten

  3. Melissa J. Heet

    This morning cosmo was wanting positive things from people. I tried to call but it was busy. I had time to again but the morning show was over. I have something really positive that I would love to share.
    2018 I got in trouble with meth. I was charged with a pretty big charge. It was my first charge ever with drugs. I was given an opportunity to go through Cole Co drug treatment court.. It took 2 years but I did it!!! And today is my last day of probation and my charge will be dropped!!!
    I want people to know that you can come up from any bad situation with persistence, effort and and KNOWING not hoping you can do it. No matter what the issue is you have the power to make it better. I will always have an addiction I know this and only I can make it better. Nobody can do it for you. So go out and help yourself today, no matter how big or small. Make something better for yourself today.

  4. One thing that has seriously gone up was the Netflix subscription it is now 19.99 monthly and there is no student discounts anymore

  5. Hook up or Hang up today had my Jaw drop.
    What a complete asshole!! It wasn’t bad enough that guy made fun of that poor girl in school but goes on a date with her just so he can make more fun of her. His picture has to be next to the word Douche Bag !!!
    I can’t stand bullies I was always taught never to do that. I took up for people being bullying. Karma is gonna go down hard on that Jackass.

  6. Just look for “Y107”. You’ll see the blue logo on the black background. And it’s FREE!

  7. What’s ur app called

  8. Was there a specific one you were looking for? You can generally find the archives here. Was there a specific one you were looking for?
    Thanks so much for listening!

  9. How do we get to the hook up or hang up archives?

  10. i lovee you guys you are always so happy and that makes my day

  11. Hey guys I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome I love listening to you in the morning getting ready for school you are really funny I love you guys. Stay safe.

  12. We messaged you Bridget.

  13. Where do I find Learn with Mrs. Ashley? You talked about in on the radio on 5/19/20, but I did not get all of the details.

  14. Thanks so much Robert!

  15. Y’all are so funny and crazy and cool and god bless you

  16. i love you cosmo your so funny i listen to your station all day

  17. How did cosmo find his name?

  18. We’ve got it up at Y107 morning show on Facebook.

  19. Can I have a link for the sad cancer piece… Please it made me melt

  20. We’re working on it. Thanks for the love Michelle!

  21. Just want to say you guys are the cats bootie!!!
    I Love the “Hook up or hang up” show Ahahahahahaha
    Y’all crack me up!!! Will be listening to hear if you get ahold of Chris & his mother… LOL LOL
    Thanks for keeping us entertained

  22. 573-441-Y107 or 800-500-Y107

  23. What is y107 phone number

  24. Thanks Sarah.

  25. Just wanted to say you guys are awesome and i love this radio station # bestradiostationever

  26. Let the games begin, its balldelirum time, turn the RADIO ON

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