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Columbia Public Schools To Conduct Sobriety Tests At Proms

All Rock Bridge students who enter the prom venue will be given a sobriety test!

All four of the Columbia Public Schools High Schools will be conducting sobriety tests at the proms this Spring. 

According to Rock Bridge Principal Jennifer Rukstad .

“The students actually suggested that breathalyzers might make a difference” 


Hickman, Battle and Douglas will all have testing supplies on the dance site . If teachers or administrators suspect that someone is under the influence of alcohol, administrators will call the students parents to get permission to give the sobriety test. 


We had several callers and texters to Y107 that said that several Mid-Mo area schools have been giving sobriety tests at not only proms but also homecoming dances and other school functions.


The Columbia Public School board met and discussed the prom sobriety testing. Watch at about 37:00 mark

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