Houlihans, PepperJax Grill, and Ruby Tuesdays signs with Sorry We're Closed Sign

COVID-19 Claiming Mid-Mo Restaurants

One of the casualties of the COVID-19 outbreak is the impact it’s having on our economy. And now, some of our favorite restaurants are shutting their doors for good.

Within the last few months, I’ve seen some of my favorite restaurants close down, and it sucks. Like when Medici suddenly closed downtown Columbia. Or Denny’s by Holiday Inn.  Gone! But in the past few days, a few more really took my breath away if you will.

I noticed on a quick WalMart run Thursday that PepperJax Grill on Conley was closed. Full disclosure, I never found time to go.  And now I’m out of luck. In my house, we LOVE Philly Cheese steaks, and that was their main sandwich. But, that won’t be happening. That whole strip just looks… empty.

Another shoe dropped last night when I hear BOTH Ruby Tuesdays by the mall in Columbia and Houlihans off Trimble are now officially done too. We’re not talking closed for now either. GONE!  I’ve spent many a lunch at Houlihans, and many a dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, because… SALAD BAR!!!  But no more.  

Unfortunately, I know this is not the end. By the time this is done, there will be more in this list. 

Some of you might be thinking, LOCAL BUSINESS!  SUPPORT LOCAL!  And I 100% agree. But even though these are national chains, they still employed LOCAL workers, who are now confused and scared honestly, I’m sure. I’ve been there. 

So YES, keep supporting LOCAL.  Keep checking out all businesses as you normally would if you can. Order online. Do curbside or delivery. And not just restaurants. ALL BUSINESSES! Keep calm, carry on as much as possible, like you normally would.  This will pass, if we keep up with social distancing, and following guidelines. And we’ll bounce back and celebrate.

For all of you though who are out of work, or if you know someone out of work, we’ve put together a job board.  Check it out. SHARE IT!  And if you are an employer who is hiring, please let us know. 

We added many more to the list yesterday. We hope this might help those finding themselves needing work right now. If your company is hiring, let us know.

Posted by Y107 on Thursday, March 26, 2020

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