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Beyonce live at Cochella

COCHELLA: Beyonce, Bieber, Cardi B & Yodel Kid

Beyonce stole the Cochella buzz this weekend with a Destiny’s Child reunion and why did Justin Bieber punch a dude in the face?

Beyonce was AMAZING this weekend at Cochella 18! All the talk was about how many dancers she was going to use on stage but then the most talked about moment of the opening weekend. The Destiny’s Child reunion LIVE


There were rumors that he was gonna be there….and it happened!


Why did Bieber punch a dude in the face?

A man stormed into a party and reportedly grabbed a woman by the throat at a Coachella after party.  Justin was at a party on Saturday night hosted by pal Patrick Schwarzenegger when this guy – who appeared to be on drugs – walked in and went ballistic on a woman believed to be his ex-girlfriend. Eyewitnesses say the guy was grabbing the woman by the throat when Justin and his pals screamed at the guy to let her go. When he wouldn’t, Justin hit the guy in the face and pushed him against the wall allowing the woman to break free. The guy was then kicked out of the party and arrested shortly afterwards.

Pregnant Cardi B Twerked

NSFW Language in video

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