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Clown Donut Delivery Has Come to Missouri!

A creepy clown is hand delivering donuts in Missouri! 

When people ask me if I have a fear of clowns I always tell them no.

I want to be honest with you and say that is a big fat lie. Many people have a fear of clowns and there is a word for it coulrophobia. I get sick to my stomach thinking that one day I will have to confront a clown alone. I am actually looking over my shoulder at this very moment fearing someone is setting me up. 

But let’s be honest if a clown came and delivered me donuts, I would be on the floor crying. Not because someone got me free donuts, but because my fear would become a reality. That actually happened to one girl when her friends had Hurts Donut deliver her some donuts with a CLOWN. Yes, you read that right. It’s becoming so popular in Springfield, MO that when I called them earlier they said they were experiencing high call volumes and I had to leave a message. I can’t be the only one who is freaking out that this is a thing. But the evil person inside of me totally wants to order some and play a prank on my friends. Just… please don’t do it to me. 

How about this one?! She was cute enough to hug! I just don’t think she would have liked that very much!!Delivery hotline: 417-368-0279Accepting orders now through the end of October!!

Posted by Hurts Donut – Springfield MO on Thursday, October 4, 2018

In case you’re interested, Hurts is offering the clown delivery service all month. So, if you need to play a prank on the person who ate your lunch in the fridge at the office, you might want to give them a ring. You might become the most hated person at work. Think they’ll deliver all the way to Mid-Mo? 


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  1. Not at my house!!!!

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