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Chocolate To Vanish In 40 Years? Not So Fast

As 2017 wrapped up, the WORST NEWS EVER hit the Internet and got us all freaking out just a little. Okay, a LOT!  Chocolate could become extinct by 2050!

How is that even possible?  A world without chocolate!!!!  Say it ain’t so. Our biggest craving… GONE! The story is that two west Africa countries who produce most the the world’s chocolate plants would not be able to support chocolate production by 2050 due to climate change problems.

However, MARS company is rumored to be working with scientists to save us all, finding ways to resolve the potential crisis before it becomes reality. Phew!

BUT WAIT!!!  We’ve been bamboozled!

Snopes Chocolate clickbait

CLICKBAIT?!?!?!  We fell for another one.

But here’s the thing, it’s not wholly untrue. That’s the clickbait part.  There’s some truth that chocolate is at risk as things stand right now, but not at the point that extinction will happen.  Check out more of the truth here. Funny how the story changes when you don’t give ALL the details. 

The world is saved. Chocolate is safe… for now…

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