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Is Chocolate Sinful or Good For You?

I’ve seen such mixed messages on chocolate: it’s sinfully delicious, it’s labeled as “death by chocolate” and “Devils Food Cake, but then it’s good for you? I mean, it makes ME happy, so that’s good, right?

The website Eat This Not That broke down the seven things that happen to your body when you eat chocolate.

  1. Energy Boost- there’s actually a little bit of caffeine in the natural cacao bean, which comes through in dark chocolate… less so in milk chocolate, but that’s pretty cool!
  2. Mood Boost- Duh. Chocolate makes me happy because it’s delicious. Now milk chocolate has less of the good nutrients than raw or dark chocolate, but they could be responsible for a boost in your mood! It’s like when Lupin gives Harry chocolate to make him feel better after the dementors come around in Harry Potter. Chocolate is the opposite of sadness!
  3. Positive effect on Blood Pressure- Some of those fancy nutrients called “Polyphenols” actually help your body regulate blood pressure and a lot of other great sciencey things (I already forgot half the fancy words because I’m not sciencey, I’m radio-y).
  4. Digestion issues- boo… I thought this was going to be an all-positive list, but eating chocolate COULD make that little flap between your esophagus and your stomach not work so well as well as trigger IBS symptoms in those who suffer from it.
  5. Heart Boost- Chocolate contains “flavanols” which are fancy nutrients that help prevent your heart from heart disease! So your heart literally beats for chocolate!
  6. Weight Boost- Okay this one is actually also not a great one, but it’s an easier read when you put “boost” next to it. Obviously, too much chocolate with it’s sugary, fatty goodness can make you gain weight. It’s responsible for at LEAST half of my pandemic pounds.
  7. Brain Boost- with the magnesium that naturally occurs in the cacao bean, it helps your brain power!

So, all in all, positive (only two negative things). Your body loves chocolate… just make sure it contains more cocoa than milk and you get better benefits. Also, eat it in moderation and you’ll be great. But maybe if you suffer from IBS, you should stay away from chocolate! If you’re really interested in the more sciencey terms, check out the full article from Eat This Not That!

Time to go add dark chocolate to the grocery order I just placed… after all, it’s basically a salad, right?


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