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Chillin’ For Children Raises Major Cool Cash For CMN!

Early Wednesday morning, Cosmo took the Y107 van to the Joe Machen’s Nissan lot, and refused to come out until we raised $5000 for Children’s Miracle Network at MU Women and Children’s Hospital. Thanks to your suggestions, we dubbed it “Chillin’ for Children”.

In the van he stayed throughout a frigid Wednesday and an even colder overnight. In the van he stayed as the sun rose and set on Thursday. Friday morning, he woke up to the news there was just $1000 to go.  However, we also looked ahead to a dangerously cold winter blast projected for Friday night, including freezing rain and snow into Saturday morning.  He was fatigued, and not ready for another cold night.

So, as he took the air with Jax at 6:00am, they posed a challenge:

Let’s raise the last $1000 before the end of the show at 10am.

And with that, the money started to roll in.  Just before 9, two large donations came in, not only getting us to the $5000 mark, but moving us well beyond.  He continued to stick it out till 10a to see how much more money they could raise. We were about to close with just over $5600, when Joe Machens Nissan had one more surprise.

They presented us with a check for $2000!

Since then, donations have continued to come in, as we sit at an unbelievable $7687.22! It’s a number we could have never imagined.  And it’s all in thanks to you… our awesome listeners!  Whether you stopped by, donated online, donated a little more to try for Ed Sheeran tickets, donated as part of a team, or just simply spread the word, you helped make miracles happen for kids from all over our state.  

However, this is just the beginning. We’ve already heard of this inspiring challenges and larger donations. These will all be wonderful additions to our continued contributions to MU Women and Childrens Hospital as our 12th Annual Radiothon comes up in a couple weeks, February 22 and 23.  Rally the troops. Continue to grow your fundraising efforts, as Radiothon quickly approaches.

We can’t wait to see what this year’s total donation will be, all thanks to YOU once again.

In the meantime, if you’d still like to donate through “Chillin For Children”, you can do that by clicking the button below!

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