Is This Finally Kylie’s Baby Confirmation?

The only question any KUTWK fan has nowadays is… “IS KYLIE PREGNANT OR NOT?” We might have finally received some confirmation, or at least a tease about when that confirmation is coming. The new KUWTK promo was just released and it’s got people talking.  First off, we find out this upcoming week we get 2 nights, as this is an …

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Arie Luyendyk on jimmy Kimmel

Did Arie Just Drop a Huge “Bachelor” Spoiler On Kimmel?

The new season of “The Bachelor” premiered on ABC Monday night featuring Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his company of women, including 4 Laurens, 2 Brittanys, and 2 Beccas. Jimmy Kimmel then brought him in as a guest Tuesday night, and put him on the hotseat. Not only did he grill him for clues on the season, but he also inquired …

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Stealing Back Christmas Gets One Last HUGE Boost

Weeks ago, Mid-Mo was in shock as someone stole from Toys for Tots. And we jumped into action launching “Stealing Back Christmas”. While Y107 wrapped up our efforts a couple weeks ago, the drive continued in area schools. And the result was nothing short of phenomenal. A little backstory: After Cosmo and the Y107 morning show talked about thieves breaking into the …

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Ed Sheeran Andrea Bocelli Perfect

Ed Sheeran Releases a Third PERFECT Version of ‘Perfect’

Just when you thought Ed Sheeran couldn’t top the Beyonce duet of “Perfect“, it’s a case of “Hold my Beer.”  Ed just collaborated with the legendary Andrea Bocelli for yet a 3rd version of the song. Ed even learns Italian for the duet. And, well, WOW! So here’s my takeaway. Before you go switching the Beyonce version with this for …

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Man with head in microwave trying to go viral

Youtuber Almost Kills Himself In Attempt To Go Viral

Let’s face it, we are all too obsessed with getting other’s attention. This is especially true when it comes to Youtube and the chance to go Viral. Some will go to ridiculous lengths, and endure ridiculous pains for the cause. It’s nothing that new to radio, as we’ve been doing it for years. (Just ask Cosmo and Jax about “Punishment …

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Scary surprise in the leaves

Dad Finds A Scary Surprise In the Leaf Pile

That fall chore we hate: leaf maintenance. The raking, blowing, collecting, piling up, disposing of.  The tarps, cords, NOISE!!!  But one dad got an unexpected scary surprise as he was clearing a huge pile of leaves. Which just reminds us how much kids love leaves. And how much we all love a good scare.   Ever done this to someone?

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Fun Dip Thunder Imagine Dragons

The “Fun Dip” Cure You’ve Been Needing

Weeks ago, we warned you you’d never hear Imagine Dragons “Thunder” the same again, all thanks to FUN DIP!! Credit @foreverrmalone for making this gem #fundip #thunder #imaginedragons A post shared by Y107 (@y107) on Oct 19, 2017 at 8:04am PDT It’s not like we made it worse at the Columbia Jaycees Holiday Parade or anything… We are live powered …

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AMA's P!nk and Kelly Clarkson

The AMA Performance Everyone Is Talking About [VIDEO]

There were some awesome collaborations and performances lined up for last night’s American Music Awards.  We didn’t know what to expect from the announcement that P!nk and Kelly Clarkson would do a duet. Two powerhouse female vocalists; what would they sing?  And then, THIS happened:  Why THIS song?  Jaime Foxx put it best in his intro: We needed the power …

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Bella Throne still from Liam Payne Bedroom Floor video

Liam Payne IS Bella Thorne in ‘Bedroom Floor’ Video

It’s seems Liam Payne has become that voice inside Bella Thorne’s head. At least, that’s the role he plays in his new video for ‘Bedroom Floor’. As he says in the video to Vevo’s twitter below, he plays Bella’s “thoughts and feelings” in the video, which portrays that awkward time when you’ve ended a relationship, but not really. Like, you …

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Stranger Things 2 trailer screenshot

Final Stranger Things Trailer Has Dropped. Guess Who’s Back?

In just 2 weeks, the 2nd season of Stranger Things finally comes out. Anyone else feel like we’ve been waiting forever?  To get you even more excited, the final trailer just dropped, marking the return of one of your favorite characters. Spoiler – It’s NOT the Demogorgon. Check this out and get EXCITED!! The new season drops to Netflix October …

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Tom Petty

Rocker Tom Petty Passes At Age 66

UPDATE: Around 10:40p CST, Tom Petty did pass away. His death was confirmed this time by his longtime manager and friend.   UPDATE:  There are now varying reports that the initial statement that the singer had passed was misinformation. The singer may still be alive on life support. Today has been already been a tough day. Earlier today, it was …

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