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Campus Tracks 03/19/23

I’m getting to the point where this cold weather is annoying me and music is the only thing motivating me when walking to class. I can’t wait for it to warm back up so that I don’t have to speedwalk to my classes so that I can get out of …

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Campus Tracks 03/03/23

  Campus Tracks for the week- Don Tolliver, “Bus Stop” and Lonnie, “One Night Stand” Coming out of an album that I felt was very low energy and didn’t stand out much to me, Bus Stop was the one song that stood out to me and has been in my …

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Campus Tracks 2/18/23

As much as I’ve tried to avoid Ice Spice I just can’t seem to escape the artist who has burst onto the scene thanks to tiktok. “Boys a Liar Pt. 2” has been all over my for you page and once I hear it the song is locked into my …

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