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Phone Jax

Every Friday, Jax takes your suggestions on who you’d like him to prank, then gives them a call. 

Have someone you’d like to prank?  


PHONE JAX // JaX needs a new job

Layla’s a employment recruiter. She deals with a lot of ridiculous calls in a day. Let’s see how this one ranks when Jax calls her for a very.. specific job.

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PHONE JAX // Gordy’s Lesson

We all know that office suck up. Gordy’s been a little too much for his boss Ray. Ray reached out to us to see how far we could take Gordy’s willingness to work before we hit his limit.

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PHONE JAX // I need a windshield

Tracy’s new at her auto body shop. Jax needs a new windshield. But not just any windshield. Let’s try to crack her and see how well those customer service standards stand up.

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PHONE JAX // Mt Rushmore

We’re roadtrippin’ on this Phone Jax! Katy works at Mt. Rushmore guest services for the summer. Her friend Brent asked us to ask her some ridiculous questions and get her to crack. Let’s see if we can.

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PHONE JAX // The Wedding DJ

Alexis asked us to Phone Jax her soon to be husband. He LOVES getting the music and playlist ready for their wedding and he just booked a DJ. Let’s give him a call to see what he wants to play.

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PHONE JAX // Real Estate Agent

Carl hit up the show asking to get his sister Melanie. She just got her real estate license and is VERY nervous. Let’s see how she does with this ‘potential buyer.’ 

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PHONE JAX // Gym Mooch Francis

Francis likes going to the gym. Francis likes not paying to go to the gym. So Francis uses the ‘trial membership’ rule to the fullest extent it can go. Let’s see if we can get him to pay for it. 

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