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Phone Jax

Every Friday, Jax takes your suggestions on who you’d like him to prank, then gives them a call. 

Have someone you’d like to prank?  


PHONE JAX // The Mannequin Challenge?

Alex works at a department store in St. Louis. She deals with questioning customers all day long. Her brother Evan thought she’d make a good mark. So let’s see how she deals with this…

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PHONE JAX // The Magnificent Miller

Lori and Jane are planning a 40th anniversary party for their parents. Jane is doing most of the planning and is quite stressed. Let’s see if she needs added entertainment for the party.

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PHONE JAX // Let’s Get Physical Therapy

Chad injured his arm. Chad does not like his physical therapy. Therefore it’s a perfect reason to call him and ask him to do ridiculous things in front of his coworkers. For physical therapy, of course.

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PHONE JAX // Timberlake Needs Your Suite

Greg has been reserving the same suite at the same hotel in Minneapolis for over a decade to celebrate his anniversary. The Super Bowl is happening there this year and there may be some issues…

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PHONE JAX // Side Effects

Kirk recently started taking some pills he’s worried about. Let’s see what happens when we tell him there’s some unfortunate side effects. 

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Phone Jax // New Secret Santa Rules

Marcus used to own his own company but now works for a big corporate firm. They do Secret Santa a little differently and want to make sure Marcus is up to date on all the rules.

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PHONE JAX // Haunted House

Judy’s a very nice Homeowner’s Association receptionist. She deals with ridiculous people a lot. Let’s see if she can handle one more ghoulish person.

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PHONE JAX // JaX needs a new job

Layla’s a employment recruiter. She deals with a lot of ridiculous calls in a day. Let’s see how this one ranks when Jax calls her for a very.. specific job.

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PHONE JAX // Gordy’s Lesson

We all know that office suck up. Gordy’s been a little too much for his boss Ray. Ray reached out to us to see how far we could take Gordy’s willingness to work before we hit his limit.

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PHONE JAX // I need a windshield

Tracy’s new at her auto body shop. Jax needs a new windshield. But not just any windshield. Let’s try to crack her and see how well those customer service standards stand up.

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PHONE JAX // Mt Rushmore

We’re roadtrippin’ on this Phone Jax! Katy works at Mt. Rushmore guest services for the summer. Her friend Brent asked us to ask her some ridiculous questions and get her to crack. Let’s see if we can.

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