Phone Jacks

We take your suggestions on who you’d like us to prank. Then each Friday, we give them a call. 

Have someone you’d like to prank?  


PHONE JACKS // The Mannequin Challenge?

Alex works at a department store in St. Louis. She deals with questioning customers all day long. Her brother Evan thought she’d make a good mark. So let’s see how she deals with this…

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PHONE JACKS // The Magnificent Miller

Lori and Jane are planning a 40th anniversary party for their parents. Jane is doing most of the planning and is quite stressed. Let’s see if she needs added entertainment for the party.

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PHONE JACKS// Side Effects

Kirk recently started taking some pills he’s worried about. Let’s see what happens when we tell him there’s some unfortunate side effects. 

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PHONE JACKS // Haunted House

Judy’s a very nice Homeowner’s Association receptionist. She deals with ridiculous people a lot. Let’s see if she can handle one more ghoulish person.

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PHONE JACKS // Gordy’s Lesson

We all know that office suck up. Gordy’s been a little too much for his boss Ray. Ray reached out to us to see how far we could take Gordy’s willingness to work before we hit his limit.

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PHONE JACKS // I need a windshield

Tracy’s new at her auto body shop. We need a new windshield. But not just any windshield. Let’s try to crack her and see how well those customer service standards stand up.

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