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Phone Jacks

We take your suggestions on who you’d like us to prank. Then each Friday, we give them a call. 

Have someone you’d like to prank?  



Carl crashed his car into John’s and called to let him know…let’s just say John was NOT happy about this news! Especially when Carl decide to try and fix it HIMSELF!

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Greg asked me to join him in his prank war with his brother Tim, so I invited my friend Redneck Robert along to tell him about a new cell tower coming to his neighborhood!

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Cosmo had “Carl” prank Michael who just started working at Wood’s grocery store at the Lake…Wheat isle are the depends?

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Friday Phone Jacks

What happened when we turned Amy from the lake’s baby shower into a bachelorette party??? Wait…WHAT kind of balloons are those????

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PHONE JACKS // Fenced In

Don’s a little fed up with the company installing the fence around his house. He’s going to be REALLY fed up when we call him and tell him that we finished it….. kinda.

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PHONE JACKS // Glad to Grad

Lois works as a graduate coordinator at her high school. We think the ceremony could use a little something extra. Let’s see if we can help her out.

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PHONE JACKS // The Mannequin Challenge?

Alex works at a department store in St. Louis. She deals with questioning customers all day long. Her brother Evan thought she’d make a good mark. So let’s see how she deals with this…

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PHONE JACKS // The Magnificent Miller

Lori and Jane are planning a 40th anniversary party for their parents. Jane is doing most of the planning and is quite stressed. Let’s see if she needs added entertainment for the party.

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