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Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show

Happy Halloween

Michael Myers, Jason, Freddie, Leatherface, and Ghostface as the Slashstreet Boys

Forget the ‘Backstreet Boys’ just in time for Halloween Y107 gives you the ‘Slashstreet Boys’ and “I’ll Kill You That Way”.

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What You Need to Know About Teal Pumpkins!

Two boys looking at candy

Have you seen teal pumpkins on the store shelves this year? I was walking through Target this weekend and noticed for the first time a teal pumpkin on the shelf. I figured it was a new decoration trend I wasn’t aware of until I did some research. Turns out there is a reason why the pumpkins are teal. The teal pumpkin project …

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Netflix’s latest binge-worthy fright filled show is called ‘The Haunting of Hill House’. It is the scariest, most suspenseful show on tv!  Are you watching it? Just how scary is it? 

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HOOK UP OR HANG UP//Ellen and Jake

Jake ghosted Ellen because he was embarrassed about not having enough money to take her out again…but wait till you hear WHY he was broke? He blew his entire paycheck on WHAT???

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Win NKOTB Tickets with Our New Kid!

New Kids on the Block receiving a star on the walk of fame

Have you met Destiny Ryhan yet?  She’s the new girl taking over nights on Y107. But this week, we’re making her wake up early. Join Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show Monday through Wednesday and get to know our “New Kid on the Block”!  You might even be rewarded as she’s not coming empty-handed. She’s bringing tickets to next year’s “Mixtape Tour” …

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Greg asked me to join him in his prank war with his brother Tim, so I invited my friend Redneck Robert along to tell him about a new cell tower coming to his neighborhood!

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Y107’s A To Z Game Is Back!

One of last year’s favorite and easiest contests is back! It’s the return of the A to Z game, where winning is as easy as knowing your ABC’s.  And we’re not just talking small prizes.  We’re talking about things you really want, like Ed Sheeran tickets, Fujifilm Instax Camera sets, Google Home, Amazon Echo Dots, Dinner at Noodles and Co, Fitbit Altas, …

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