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Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show


Seth was down on one knee proposing to Ruth is Loose Park, when the unthinkable happened. Posted by Staci Dabney's Photography on Sunday, September 10, 2017 Yup, the $3,000 ring popped out of the ring box, bounced across the bridge, and DROPPED into the pond below. Friends and family jumped into the algae-filled pond with hopes of a recovery but came …

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Punishment Poker Time Again for Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show

This weekend the Cards take on the Cubs in Chicago. If you follow the show, you know Cosmo and Jaime are of course Cardinals fans.  Then there’s JaX.  He’s a Cubs fan.  As the series fires up, another wager has been created. If the Cardinals are succesful in taking the weekend series, JaX will be getting the Cardinals logo shaved onto …

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HOOK UP OR HANG UP// Jake and Amy

Jake admitted he didn’t bring his “A Game” to his first date with Amy. Then she didn’t answer his txt messages. What was her response to our call this morning?

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Purple Dragon Stolen From Jefferson City Childcare Center

Purple dragon and screen shots of crooks

Calling all current and past Courtyard parents! I am sad to report, that this morning at 6:10 am, two people decided to steal our large purple dragon from the front of our building. I am sharing the video surveillance and pictures, in hopes that we get this Courtyard figure BACK! Please share, and let me know if you have any …

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HOOK UP OR HANG UP//Logan and Kendra

Could fate be in the works for these two? They met on a cruise ship and went on a couple of dates but now Kendra has not been returning Logan’s calls… What happens when we call her?

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