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Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show

Cosmo and Lauren wake up Mid-Mo with more music and laughs, making you the star! Catch “Hook-up or Hang-Up” each hour at 10 after. Catch “Phone Jacks” on Fridays! Be a part of “Turn Up Tuesday” or “Struggle Bus Wednesday”. You’ll never believe what you’ll hear on the “Loser Line” Mondays and the “Confession Line” each Thursday.

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Ryan Reynolds Is Your Hottest Male Celebrity!

March MenNess is complete! We started with 64 of the hottest male celebrities. They were divided up into Superheros, Music Men, Movie Stars, and TV Stars, which was not easy as there were many overlaps. Through your votes, we narrowed them down to 32, then to the Sexy 16, down to the Epic 8, and then the Phenom 4. TV …

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HOOK UP OR HANG UP//Elizabeth and Audrey

Elizabeth and Audrey hit it off on their date so well that they ended up back at Elizabeth’s place. We found out this morning that Audrey was totally freaked out by what was all over Elizabeth’s house and that is why she ghosted her!

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Ed impressed Lila with his date idea and she had a great time. Once we got them both on the phone we realized that Ed didn’t tell us the whole story. What set off the fireworks?

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Mike’s Moving On

10 years ago I packed up what few belongings I had and moved from St. Louis to the booming metropolis of Lebanon, MO. It was across the street from a cow field where I would go on the air for the first time, using the alias “Wally”, at my very first radio job. I was 19. My studio apartment rent …

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