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Hook Up or Hang Up

Ever been ghosted after an awesome date, and now you’re looking for answers? Let us help. We’ll get them on the line, with you quietly listening in, and get you some answers. E-mail the show at


Rebecca and Casey got a little feisty this morning when we got them on the air for Hook Up Or Hang Up. Why was Casey so ticked off?

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HOOK UP OR HANG UP//Lisa and Corey

Lisa and Corey kissed at midnight on NYE but it was what Lisa did AFTER the kiss that made Corey not want to call her back. Corey explains it all on this Hook Up Or Hang Up!

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HOOK UP OR HANG UP//Emily and John

Emily and John went bowling for their first date. John was NOT too happy with how Emily behaved at the lanes. This was a HANG UP find out why John said “Peace Out”.

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