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Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show

Cosmo and Lauren wake up Mid-Mo with more music and laughs, making you the star! Catch “Hook-up or Hang-Up” each hour at 10 after. Catch “Phone Jacks” on Fridays! Be a part of “Turn Up Tuesday” or “Struggle Bus Wednesday”. You’ll never believe what you’ll hear on the “Loser Line” Mondays and the “Confession Line” each Thursday.

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Y107’s U-Pick Memorial Day Throwback Weekend!

Girl pointing at camera with patriotic background and throwback in text

It’s a weekend to honor, celebrate, and remember.  We’re doubling up on that, as we also remember the awesome songs that raised us, as we launch another Throwback Weekend! Starting Friday at 5p, through 11p Memorial Day, the Throwbacks will be rolling all weekend, every couple songs.  And like we did the other week, YOU will be in full control. …

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Y107 Senior Shout Outs

High School Seniors in cap and gown holding Senior Shout Outs sign

The Seniors of the Class of 2020 have had so much taken away: proms, sporting events, club activities and even graduations. lift their spirits with a Y107 Senior Shoutout!

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Vote Y107’s “Cosmo & The Y107 Morning Show” Best Of Columbia

It’s happened AGAIN!  For yet ANOTHER year, you have put Y107’s Cosmo, as well as Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show on the ballot for Inside Columbia Magazine’s “Best Of Columbia 2020”! We thank you for letting us into your homes, cars, and lives every morning. We’d be honored if you’d cast a vote for Cosmo as Columbia’s Best Radio Personality …

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Y107’s U-Pick It Throwback Weekend/Week

If there’s one thing quarantining has taught us, it’s that we love our throwback songs! How many of you were listening to quite a few of them over these last couple weeks? And, if there’s something Y107 is known for, it’s Throwbacks! This weekend, we’re doing something you’ve loved before: A Throwback Weekend. It all starts at 5p Friday, May …

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Donate Blood During The COVID-19 Pandemic: When And Where

Drawing of blood bag and cord forming a heart

You can help those in need during this COVID-19 pandemic by just donating blood! The American Red Cross is teaming up with Boone Hospital Center and Stephens College for community blood drives:  *April 15 from 11a-4p *April 16 from 11a-4p *April 20 from 11a-4p *April 21 from 11a-4p *April 22 from 11a-4p *These drives will be held in the Kimball …

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Local McDonald’s Offering FREE Drinks to Healthcare Workers

McDonald's in background with someone holding a drink

McDonald’s in Mid-Missouri and beyond are offering free beverages to healthcare workers to say ‘Thank You’! Many in our community are looking for ways to support healthcare workers during the coronavirus crisis. McDonald’s of Mid- Missouri is just one of the companies doing something to help. Now through the end of business on Thursday, April 30th, participating McDonald’s locations will …

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Governor Parson Announces Statewide “Stay At Home” Order

coronavirus red background

With his first statewide social distancing order set to expire, Governor Parson ups the ante. He’s implementing a new stay-at-home order statewide from just after midnight Monday, April 6th until just before midnight on Friday, April 24th. All residents are to stay at home except to access essentials like food, healthcare or outdoor exercise, and avoid social gatherings of more …

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COVID-19 Relief Resources

Y107 Cares Relief resources with Coronavirus backdrop

Coronavirus has brought out many questions and concerns as the economy changes. Do you know where to go or what to do if you get laid off? What bills do you have to pay when the money gets tight? What kind of relief is there?  We hope the following serves as an easy go-to resource to help you through the …

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COSMO COOKS: The Quarantine Edition

Cheeseburger on counter

One thing is certain that it’s certainly an uncertain time, schedules are all wanky and everyone is working and studying from home. One thing that hasn’t changed is “Hey! What’s For Dinner!”

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Stay-At-Home issued for Boone County

coronavirus red background

City and county leaders met in Columbia on Tuesday morning and issued a stay-at-home order for the county, including Columbia after coronavirus numbers grew exponentially in the state. The order will go into effect on Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. and will last for at least 30 days. Officials said they are trying to slow the spread of COVID-19. They …

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Quarantined Cosmo: 5 Things To Do While Stuck At Home

The CODVID-19 pandemic is our new normal. Schools out, we’re working from home, and there’s lots of worry for our families. In order to “Flatten the curve” we are all being asked to make some significant sacrifices, including self Quarantine.

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Y107 COVID-19 Statement: How We Plan To Adapt

COVID-19 with Y107 and Zimmer logos

Y107 Mission Statement: Provide quality and timely community-focused information and entertainment that is relevant to you, our mid-Missouri listener. At Y107, our priority remains supporting our clients and listeners through these difficult, uncertain times. We have helped our listeners and clients through the unusual events of other natural disasters, such as tornadoes and floods. We have always prepared to support …

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COVID-19: A Responsible Understanding

Man freaking out about Coronavirus

Coronavirus, or COVID-19 has moved from a headline, to a reality, to hysteria, to the surreal is DAYS! Precaution is being seen as PANIC, and then there’s the oversensationalism, causing hysteria.

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