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Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show


When it comes to magic at least. .. Internet famous magician Julius Dein caught up with the Champagne Papi to blow his mind. Check out Drake’s reaction.. 

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$1000 Minute Awards $3000 To Mid-Missourians

No other station gives away more FREE money to Mid-Missourians than Y107!  Local contests, Local winners!  Over the last couple of weeks, we proved it! A few weeks back, we started at 10 Questions with 60 Seconds.  Then 10 more questions, and another 60 seconds. But we were having too much fun. So we added another 10 questions and ANOTHER 60 seconds. …

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PHONE JAX // Fenced In

Don’s a little fed up with the company installing the fence around his house. He’s going to be REALLY fed up when we call him and tell him that we finished it….. kinda.

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HOOK UP OR HANG UP//Wayne And Misty

Wayne took Misty out for Italian and he thought they hit it off but Misty had a little different story when we got her on the phone oh and one question…Where is Hoo-Ha Island?

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