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Disney Plus Quietly Took Away This Feature

Disney Plus on smartphone with popcorn.

During the pandemic, EVERY company had to pivot to accommodate the lifestyle we were all suddenly living, even thriving companies like streaming services! Disney Plus added a group watch feature so people could watch movies and shows together in real time while socially distancing themselves! Recently, it seems, they quietly …

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Good Burger 2 Is Coming

beef burger and french fries in a takeaway paper box on table

“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” If you’re a millennial, you absolutely recognize that and probably heard it in your head as you read it! The Good Burger movie (from 1997) came out of a sketch from All That, which was basically …

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Direct Ed Sheeran’s Music Video

British singer Ed Sheeran during his performance in Prague, Czech republic, February 12, 2015.

Ever wanted to say “Lights. Camera. ACTION!!”? Specifically have you ever thought you could direct a music video way better than the pros? Ed Sheeran wants you to prove it! He’s on a brand new label (his own, called Gingerbread Man, how adorable is that?) and his new album “Autumn …

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Nominees for the Toy Hall of Fame

Bahia, Brazil - October 11, 2019. Barbie and Ken at Barbie's house. Summer concept

What was your favorite toy growing up? The Toy Hall of Fame debuted back in 1998, and unsurprisingly, on of the very first toys inducted into it was Barbie… which is why in the year of Barbie, she’s not a nominee… but Ken is! They unveiled their 2023 finalists and …

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dictionary page with a yellow tassel on it

Our vocabulary changes faster than you can think up new words, so dictionaries are updating their pages more and more often now! just added some new words for Fall 2023, and they encompass the year so far pretty well, imo. Here are just some of the new additions: nepo …

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Tom Brady Has a New Job

Bearded guy using smartphone in plane

Tom Brady has finally retired from football… for real this time. And he has a new job! It’s hard to pivot careers, but this is a weird one in my opinion… Tom Brady is the new Strategic Advisor for Delta… yeah, like the airline. I guess his qualifications were that …

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Five Asteroids Coming Near Earth

Astronomy galaxy asteroid or meteorite in space reflection yellow and blue lighting.

Things as big as houses and airplanes whizzing past us?? That’s actually happening to earth this week! According to NASA, we’re supposed to get FIVE asteroids zooming past our planet between September 6th through the 12th! One is said to be as large as a house and two others are …

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Selena Gomez Releases “Single Soon”

LOS ANGELES - NOV 07: Selena Gomez arrives for the ‘Frozen II’ Premiere on November 07, 2019 in Hollywood, CA

Selena Gomez is thrilled that “Single Soon,” her new track, is anticipated to make a strong entry on the Billboard Hot 100 singles list. However, in response to a fan post on Sunday advertising the anticipated top 20 debut, Gomez said that although she is excited, she now has more …

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