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Girl Scout Troop of the Week Returns

GOOD NEWS! It’s Cookie season again, and Y107 wants to highlight the AWESOME Girl Scouts putting in the hard work during Girl Scout cookie season! Girls learn valuable skills that they can carry with them throughout their life, and the funds raised help the Girl Scouts continue! Find more information …

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The Top 10 Songs of 2022

Girlfriends listening to music outdoors

What were the BEST songs of the year? No matter who you ask, the answer would be different based on their preferences, but if you’re looking at a global scale, Billboard ranks the songs of the year based on: THE YEAR’S MOST POPULAR CURRENT SONGS ACROSS ALL GENRES, RANKED BY …

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Girl Scout Troop of the Week: 3/13-3/19

HAPPY COOKIE WEEK, Troop 30095! They’re from Sturgeon and Clark, and have a goal to put 90% of their proceeds back into the community! They use funds to adopt families at Christmas, put on free community events like Easter Egg Hunts, fall festivals and cookies with Santa! They also donate …

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Kristin’s Wedding Stories

Kristin in the Afternoon's Wedding in Cancun

I’m back from a week in Cancun where I got MARRIED, and both vacations and weddings breed TONS of stories! I’ll share them on air each day around 3:15 and 6:20ish, but you can find them on demand here! Plus you might find some bonus content here! Okay for this …

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New Rihanna Music??? FINALLY???

The rumor mill is swirling! According to Hits Daily Double, Rihanna is releasing new music WAY before she graces the Super Bowl stage in February! No one is truly confirming or backing the rumor this publication is claiming, but Rihanna DID change her profile picture on Twitter shortly after it …

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Apple TV + Possibly Adding an Ad Supported Tier?

Man holds a remote control With the new Apple TV+ screen on TV.

There are SO SO SO many streaming services out there anymore, it feels almost impossible to subscribe to them all! And with prices of each rising each year, a lot of people have started to cut down on the number of services they subscribe to. Adding the lower, ad-supported tier …

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iPhone 14 Dialing 911 on Roller Coasters

Roller coaster

One of the new features on the iPhone 14 is crash detection, which is GREAT! If you’re in a car accident and you’re stuck and can’t get to your phone to call for help, the phone will call for you! Except…. This feature has been triggered at least six time …

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This Side Effect of Hurricane Ian is CREEPY

Stormy winter day at Mediterranean sea coast in Alanya, Turkey

Hurricanes are scary and can be absolutely devastating, and Ian is looking pretty scary as it’s hit Florida and is headed to Charleston, SC. But this TikTok shows one side effect you never really think about… the hurricane needs to get its water from somewhere… and apparently that makes the …

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Queen Elizabeth Has Passed Away

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - MAY 17 2012: Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II visits Liverpool Albert Dock during her Diamond Jubilee tour of Great Britain, Liverpool, England. May 17 2012

  Just announced, at the age of 96 years old, Queen Elizabeth II has passed away at Balmoral Castle, her Scottish Estate. She is England’s longest-ruling monarch, having ruled the United Kingdom for 70 years. Here’s more on her life from NPR. Her oldest son, King Charles, is next in …

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Lizzo’s Emmy Acceptance Speech is EVERYTHING

Pop artist Lizzo in concert

Representation matters! In accepting her first-ever Emmy award for the Watch Out For The Big Grrrls as Best Competition Show, Lizzo told a story of when she was a little girl, and if you don’t CRY in happiness for Lizzo when watching this acceptance speech, you have a heart of stone! …

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Good News: Road Trip

In case you missed in your good news, I found this story in a bride group I’m in on Facebook! So Pascale and Nic were on a road trip for Nic to propose when his backpack (with the ring) got stolen… but spoiler alert: It’s on its way back to …

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Is This (Literally) Your Dream Job?

Sick man in the bed

If sleeping is your favorite thing in the world (and maybe content-creating is your second favorite thing in the world), Casper has a job for YOU! They’re looking for anyone who can sleep… pretty much anywhere! And also capture it for social media! Here’s what you’d be doing: Sleep Sleep …

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Facebook Class Action Lawsuit

woman in eyeglasses showing digital tablet with facebook appliance, isolated on grey

You could be eligible for a settlement in a Class Action Lawsuit. Now, I know… sometimes those settlements amount to like $10, right? But this one is for Facebook, and in one that was specific to Illinois, I got a $394 payout, so, it might be worth your time! Facebook …

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The Multiverse Saga Outline

Marvel Studios logo on mobile device.

You may or may not know Comic Con has been going on the last week, which is where a lot of the fantasy and Sci-Fi franchises drop trailers! Did you catch the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Trailer? Marvel/Disney also dropped a WHOLE NEW SLATE of movies and shows for what …

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